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While the Brands focus was clear–that is–there were plenty of reasons to believe in its driving passion to serve fine Italian food, the fascinating history behind Peppinos was never capitalized upon. We realized that this story needed to be told in order to boost the overall brand and the new Food and Beverage Package Design.

We sat down to interview Silvia, Joey’s momma. Momma DiScala told us how it all began on Ponza, a charming island off of Italy’s eastern coast. It was here that Joey’s grandparents laid the groundwork for what would become a successful American immigrant story.

We used this story to create the main menu Design, with the goal of intriguing customers. Then we turned our attention to the bottled products, and developed the tag line, “It’s all about the SAUCE,” which was also used on the T-shirts now given away with Peppinos gift certificates.

This brand’s rich family history also served as the backbone of the label concept for the sauces. We used a historic illustration of the island of Ponza, which evokes nostalgia as well as the wholesome simplicity that that will keep the Peppinos brand going strong for decades to come!


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