How do we refresh and reboot an existing restaurants brand to make it more exciting, engaging and memorable?

Feeling the pinch brought on by a competitor’s restaurant, well-known proprietor Bobby Epstein sent out an urgent SOS: help refresh and reboot this existing eatery!

It was Red Ski Creative to the rescue. Our job was to make Social on 6, located on Route 6, in Putnam County’s Mahopac, New York, stand out and rise above neighboring competition in a more exciting and memorable fashion.

First, we needed to literally capture a drive-by audience. The fact that this locale was located on a main thoroughfare, as its name suggests, prompted us to turn to imagery associated with the most iconic route in the US–Route 66.  This famed roadway, also known as Will Rogers Highway, the Main Street of America, or the Mother Road, is heaped in nostalgia as it was the major east to west route used when folks migrated to California, especially during the Dust Bowl era.   Our redesigning of the logo, signage, website, marketing collateral and business cards reflected this quintessential American story.

Next up: interior design. Here we helped to completely revamp the space into an upscale American eatery with a vaulted ceiling, exposed beams, and burgundy walls accented by wood paneled wainscoting. The bar shelves and step risers were highlighted with blue neon beneath for a hip, nighttime vibe.  We also added vintage photographs showing nostalgic imagery of Route 6 and the dining scene in the 1950’s.

To further brand this casual eating and drinking experience, we were put in charge of redesigning the menu system. RSC also conceptualized and created a substantial advertising campaign to gain a greater exposure in the community.  This resulted in flurry of positive reviews from the local press. Thanks to this reboot, diners in Mahopac could truly “get their kicks on Route 6” by enjoying delicious food, friendly service, affordable prices, and a vibrant bar scene.



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