Visual and Communication Design is not only the craft of creating stunning graphics, but about realizing the power of what the graphic design can communicate and then using that to its fullest extent.

Leveraging on the experience our client wanted for her customers, “to feel stylish, confident, beautiful and unique” we set to developing the brand’s identity through core visual elements and head turning window displays.

By strategically applying the foundation of visual and communication design to showcase the brand’s personality, we zeroed in on three traits that would drive the identity. Pop, whimsical, and upbeat.  This created a cumulative attitude that would set WHIM apart from visuals to experiential. The brand took hold quickly and is growing in leaps and bounds! (4 stores and counting!)


Visual Merchandising, Logo Design, Hang Tag Design, Label Design, Clothing Line Naming, Signage, Graphic Design.



Granny’s Cupcakes—as the name implies—taste as homemade as your grandma’s. But don’t be fooled. These are not your Granny’s cupcakes–not when it comes to brand image. Run by a mother/daughter team, Granny’s Cupcakes sought out RSC’s help with extending their brick-and-mortar cupcake shop to include a trendy mobile food truck biz.

Based in Providence, RI, these savvy entrepreneurs needed a brand image with a twist, one that evoked home-baked goodness, yet was also fun and hip enough to attract a youthful college-aged audience.

With this in mind, RSC designed a brand new logo that combines the face of a “granny” cleverly integrated into the shape of a cupcake.  This eye-catching symbol, along with vintage pastel colors, was incorporated into RSC’s design of the mobile truck, business cards, signage, cupcake bags, and cupcake boxes. What’s more, we worked as culinary consultants, which translated into sampling lots of cupcakes!

In sum, we can happily report that Granny’s Cupcakes made a sweet splash on the Providence food truck scene.


Naming, Logo Design, Tag Line, Brand Strategy, Package Design, Mobile Truck Design, Sign Design, Marketing, Culinary Consulting, Small Business Naming


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